Visual Risk Management Software (VRM) is designed to assist all levels of management to proficiently manage the entire risk management process in a way that fits your specific company requirements.

Designed to compatible with ALL Devices and operating systems VRM is extremely simple and intuitive to use at all levels within your business and available on all IT platforms and mobile devices.

Our Risk Management Software focuses on simplifying;

  • Risk Identification across the entire business. Enables our clients to implement set of internal controls to facilitate operational transparency and ensure compliance regulations, standards and laws.
  • Risk Assessment of each and every risk. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Risk Identification, Risk Assessments and Controls integrated and automated.
  • Risk Control and Processes including Multi- tiered Combined Assurance Auditing Capability
  • Risk Management software solutions enable organizations to better manage risk and take advantage of opportunities relating to business objectives and goals.

VRM  Risk Management Software is a modular based application allowing customers to choose which applications they require for their business.

GRC Manager is our standard VRM quantitative web based software solution allowing customers flexibility to manage Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance effectively. The application allows managers to manage risk from anywhere at any time on any device. It includes the following key features:

  • Full User administration
  • Impact descriptor flexibility
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Inputs
  • Advanced Impact Descriptor quantitative rating
  • Likelihood rating
  • Advanced Control Management quantitative rating
  • Document control
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Reporting
  • Impact descriptor Reporting
  • Key Risk Indicators
  • Root cause analysis
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Report Exporting
  • Project management


The Executive Summary allows customers to load their strategy and objectives and to manage their risks against these objectives effectively. Customised Executive Summary reports can be built for customers to utilise for board meetings or annual reports.


VRM Auditor allows internal, external auditors and management to audit risks against registered risks loaded by users and to evaluate the current control measures against the control documents loaded against the control measures. This allows auditors to audit risks without travelling around or asking for information to verify control measures that have been put in place. The web based design allows Directors and managers to read auditor reports against risks without having to wait for documented reports and can initiate plans to resolve issues online with project management facilities.


VRM Incident Manager is an incident reporting module that ensures that incidents are reported, insurance claims submitted and staff injuries/deaths are reported to the appropriate authorities. It further allows businesses to analyse the effectiveness of risk management controls and to better plan their risk management based on qualitative risk reporting in the future.

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